How It Works

Community Science: From Idea to Impact 

Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) is for anyone interested in using science, especially earth and space science, to advance local and regional priorities. It is a network for people to connect, launch projects, solve problems, and share their results. TEX is a platform with tools, resources, and opportunities that help projects with everything from collaborative idea formulation to implementing a co-designed solution.


Understanding ‘Community Science’

Building Partnerships

In community science, scientists and communities work as partners to identify how science could advance local or regional priorities and then work together to find and apply the most relevant and up-to-date science results to make an impact.

Tapping Into Diverse Expertise

Community science depends on combining expertise from within and outside of science.  TEX brings Earth and space scientists to the same table as local experts and regional leaders.

Multiple Results

Community science produces local impact, guides future research, and generates solutions that can be shared by many different communities. 


How We Do It – Four Modules to Impact

TEX is organized into four modules. A combination can occur at once, or more than once.

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