Match involves identifying (at least one) local leader and pro-bono scientist who will lead the project. The Match process includes:

  • Refining and posting the project to our All Projects page
  • Searching for a scientist with project-relevant expertise and experience
  • Outreach to the most qualified candidates
  • Interviewing scientists
  • Recommending scientists to community leaders
  • Introducing the involved parties to one another

An example of the match process is “Setting Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Targets,” a project based in Eugene, Oregon. ICLEI-USA introduced TEX to Climate and Energy Analyst, Matt MacRae. Matt knew that he wanted to partner with a scientist with climate experience who was relatively local to Eugene, and had a sense of humor. TEX staff did a thorough search of AGU networks, and, through email outreach and interviews, came up with several strong candidates. Dr. Andrew Rice of Portland State University’s Physics Department stood out among the rest. TEX recommended Andrew to Matt because he was fairly local to the area and familiar with Eugene, he was familiar and knowledgeable about the scientific study that  provided the basis for Eugene’s emissions target, and had the skills that the city was looking for (both social and scientific).

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