Upcoming Project Launch Workshops

In TEX Project Launch Workshops, a facilitator helps communities and scientists work together to connect community priorities and Earth and space science. Workshop participants design new TEX projects and learn community science skills. Following each workshop, TEX commits to launching and supporting developed projects, and recruiting pro bono scientists to partner with each community. Following a workshop, participating communities may continue with their projects as a cohort.

In the next year, TEX is hosting several project launch workshops. Please reach out if you are interested in participating – whether you are a scientist interested in contributing your expertise or a community leader interested in launching new local projects.

If you would like to host or recommend a location/theme for a Project Launch Workshop, please contact us.



Indigenous and Louisiana Communities
13 December 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana

This workshop will focus on indigenous communities from around the U.S. and communities in and around New Orleans, host city for the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting. Because the Fall Meeting brings together more than 20,000 Earth and space scientists from all over the world, it presents a unique opportunity to engage scientists. By focusing on New Orleans and Louisiana, we hope to build and strengthen ties between AGU and the region. By working with indigenous communities, we hope to build ties between the Earth and space science community and indigenous knowledge. This Project Launch Workshop will be part of a series of TEX-related events organized around the theme of Science to Action. Some potential topics for this workshop include climate-induced migration and relocation, greening the roof of the convention center, and local flooding. Contact TEX to sign up or for more information.


24 January 2018, Washington, District of Columbia

In collaboration with National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE), TEX is co-hosting a half-day Project Launch Workshop focused on community resilience. This workshop will be part of NSCE’s 18th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy, and the Environment. The conference will explore how systems thinking and a sustainability framework can serve society through investment in natural, built, cyber, and social infrastructure. The workshop will focus on applying conference themes to enable locally-focused projects that bring together policymakers, business people, scientists, and citizens to design and advance community science solutions. Contact TEX to sign up or for more information.


Over 80 scientists and community leaders worked to scope 12 new TEX projects at the 2016 Project Launch Workshop!