Integrating Sea Level Rise, Riverine and Flood Models

Marin County, California

Featured image for the project, Integrating Sea Level Rise, Riverine and Flood Models

Photo courtesy of the Marin County Community Development Agency


Marin County, California is located north of San Francisco and home to approximately 250,000 residents. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay on three sides and is thus vulnerable to flooding and sea level rise impacts. The county is resource rich: it is home to the Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area, as well as agricultural areas, beaches and numerous state parks.


The community itself is strongly involved and supportive of local environmental and resilience initiatives. The county released a draft Vulnerability Assessment for Marin’s Ocean Coast in October 2015. A draft Bayshore vulnerability assessment was scheduled for release in February 2017. To supplement and improve work completed to-date, Marin would like to know how to integrate sea level rise, riverine and flood models for future vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. More details about Marin’s Ocean Coast and Bayshore efforts can be found at


The scientist(s) would work primarily with Chris Choo, Principal Planner, County of Marin Department of Public Works and Alex Westhoff, Planner, County of Marin Community Development Agency. Chris and Alex will commit to do the following:

  1. Provide scientist with current models, data and information
  2. Explore existing funding opportunities to ensure long-term effectiveness
  3. Review deliverables and provide feedback
  4. Network with other communities and organizations to share methods and results


The community will incorporate this project in future vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning.