Share tends to be the final step in the TEX process. Sharing the results of TEX projects enables other teams to adapt and build upon community science solutions. The process of Share includes (but it not limited to) the following:

  • Posting results to that project’s page
  • TEX’s Creative Science writing team supports sharing through storytelling
  • Developing communities of practice
  • TEX e-Updates – a periodic online newsletter, sent right to your inbox! To sign up for the e-Update, click here.

An example of the share process is “Designing a Weather-Ready City Hall,” a project based in Midway, Georgia. TEX matched Jackie Jackson Teel to aid a student group in integrating environmentally friendly options into the design of Midway’s municipal complex. Their final design included a green rooftop to preclude urban heat island effect, bio-swales and rain gardens, cisterns to collect rain water runoff, and recycled steel for construction. Both their presentation and the autoCAD files detailing the engineering of this project are available on the municipal and county government websites, on the EPA CUPP (Environmental Protection Agency College/ Underserved Community Partnership Program) website, and were presented at the EPA CUPP conference. In making these results publicly available, Midway’s solutions can have a broader impact and may help address similar challenges in other communities.

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