Solve involves working with the collaborating teams to produce the project outcome. The Solve process includes the following:

  • Clarifying the timeline and project outcome
  • Project support from TEX, including coaching and introductions to potential partners and collaborators
  • Developing a solve guide in 2016 (coming soon!)

An example of the solve process is “Protecting a Crucial Stream,” a project based in Jackson, Wyoming. Carlin Girard, the city’s Water Resource Specialist, talked through the project with scientist Dr. William (Bill) Elliot. Because Fish Creek’s nutrient pollution seemed to be increasing, they determined that they should develop a strategy to support that observation with data. Dr. Elliot developed a list of potential next steps based on his experiences with similar projects. Carlin provided a background on the understanding, assessment, and arguments made in the past to give Bill a clearer picture of the situation. This information will allow Bill to draft a report of possible causes combined with USGS data comparing Fish Creek to other creeks in the region. In this case, the team leveraged Earth science to develop specific solutions that address community priorities.

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