Raj Pandya

Operational Team

Program Director, AGU

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Rajul (Raj) Pandya is the director of AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange, which connects scientists, communities, and sponsors and helps them work together to develop solutions that have local impact and global implications. The Thriving Earth Exchange advances co-created citizen science by providing tools to design and launch projects.

Prior to working with AGU, Raj worked as the Director of Education and Outreach at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Raj has been lucky enough to lead internships and mentor students, teach in college and high school, do research with communities internationally and in the US, and work on digital libraries. He has published in areas including thunderstorms, student learning, workforce development, diversity in science, citizen-science, and public health.

Raj believes that scientists are part of making the planet a better place for all its residents. To do that, he thinks, we’ve got to move beyond telling people about science and start listening and including them in science. He believes that diversity enhances science, but only when diverse questions and approaches are as welcome as diverse backgrounds. He lives in Colorado with his wife Amy, a physician his parents call ‘the real doctor’, their horse-loving daughter Maya, and their dog Nala.