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2022 Thriving Earth Exchange Year in Review

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2022 Thriving Earth Exchange Year in Review

2022 was a year in which community science stepped beyond its origins as a somewhat radical “new approach” and emerged as an ever more central and respected part of the mainstream discourse about how to address the challenges of our time. With climate change, pollution and environmental degradation, and issues of disenfranchisement and marginalization increasingly […]

Meet the October 2022 Cohort of Community Leads!

Thriving Earth Exchange is pleased to announce the October 2022 cohort of Community Leads! They will work with Community Science Fellows to launch 10 community science projects across the United States and in Jamaica! Stay tuned for more information about the impactful projects to come and the communities who lead and inspire them! Bucksport, South […]

Equity in Co-Production: The “Fishbowl” Conversation

Author: Natasha Udu-gama   On 12 May 2022, Thriving Earth Exchange hosted a public conversation on “What does equitable co-production look like in practice? A discussion.” I served as an advisory board member for the NSF EAGER grant on Equity in Co-production  last year and the organizers asked if Thriving Earth would be willing to […]

New Partners Advancing the Practice of Community Science

by Kelly McCarthy, Project Manager, Thriving Earth Exchange Thriving Earth Exchange welcomes new partners and collaborators around the globe to advance and improve the practice of community science   Early this year, Program Director Raj Pandya wrote that the next chapter for Thriving Earth Exchange and community science is “bigger than us.” He explained that […]

Doing Good with Science

The Thriving Earth Exchange is dedicated to “Doing good with science”. We are working to develop new and innovative avenues for communities (a community is any group that might be able to use science to help advance their other priorities) and Earth and space scientists to combine their knowledge to accomplish great things. And we […]

Thriving Earth Exchange LIVE! Survey

Did you get a chance to join us for our Thriving Earth Exchange LIVE! event at the American Geophysical Union? We’d love your feedback on the event and your thoughts about the Thriving Earth Exchange. Fill out a quick survey to let us know what you thought of the event. And if you’d like to […]

The Exchange @ Fall Meeting 2013

Raj and Julia, our dedicated Exchange team members, and some of our amazing Advisory Board members will be in San Francisco for the American Geophysical Union’s annual Fall Meeting, 9-13 December 2013. We’ll be mingling, meeting up with attendees, going to mixers and poster sessions, and hosting a few of our own events. Say hi and ask […]

Thriving Earth Exchange In the News

Stay up to date on Thriving Earth Exchange updates! Let us tell you what we’ve been up to recently. Eos article We are officially published in AGU’s weekly newspaper Eos. Read our article “AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange: Five Reasons to Join In” to find an explanation of the Thriving Earth Exchange process and why we think it will […]