Our Approach

Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) is for anyone interested in community science, i.e. the use of science to advance local and regional priorities. It is a network for people to connect, launch projects, solve problems, and share their results. TEX is a platform with tools, resources, and opportunities that help projects with everything from collaborative idea formulation to implementing a co-designed solution.


Our Approach: From Idea to Impact

TEX projects usually go through four stages: Scope, Match, Solve and Share. To help our teams make progress in each stage, we’ve broken the stages down into milestones. TEX project teams use them to co-develop projects that address community priorities, collaborate effectively, and share solutions that can help other communities facing similar challenges. 


Scope: Discuss community priorities and identify a project

All TEX projects are developed and defined based on community priorities. Through a series of conversations with a TEX project liaison, community leaders explore their values, priorities, strengths, and challenges, and their connections to Earth and space science. Scope is complete when the community has committed to pursuing a specific project. 

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Match: Partner with an Earth or space scientist

TEX identifies a scientist with the right skills and expertise to engage pro-bono with the community for the duration of the project. Match is complete once the scientist and community leaders have been introduced, and agree to work together on a project. 

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Solve: Design and Implement a solution

Community leaders and scientists work together collaboratively to achieve the project objectives. TEX provides project mentorship, facilitation and support, as well as connections to potential partners or needed resources. Solve is complete once the final project outputs have been completed and delivered to end users for a defined outcome.

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Share: Make your tools and results available

Every community is unique, but many face similar challenges. Sharing the results of TEX projects enables other teams to adapt and build upon community science solutions. Share includes making sure that the project outputs translate beyond the community, recognizing the efforts of volunteers, and providing feedback on the TEX process. 

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