Upcoming Project Launch Workshops

In Thriving Earth Exchange Project Launch Workshops, a facilitator helps communities and scientists work together to connect community priorities and Earth and space science. Workshop participants design new Thriving Earth Exchange projects and learn community science skills. Following each workshop, we commit to launching and supporting developed projects, and recruiting pro bono scientists to partner with each community. Following a workshop, participating communities may continue with their projects as a cohort.

Thriving Earth Exchange hosts several project launch workshops throughout the year. Please reach out if you are interested in participating – whether you are a scientist interested in contributing your expertise or a community leader interested in launching new local projects.

If you would like to host or recommend a location/theme for a Project Launch Workshop, please contact us.

Thriving Earth Exchange Project Launch Workshop

Wednesday, 12 December: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Congressional A, Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel

This workshop will help scientists and community leaders develop collaborative, locally impactful projects together. Thriving Earth connects Earth and space scientists to communities around the world working toward solutions related to climate change, natural hazards, and natural resources. Lunch will be provided. 

Interested in community science and helping to develop new community science projects with 8 domestic and international communities? RSVP here. French- and Spanish-speakers highly desired for two community groups!

Over 80 scientists and community leaders worked to scope 12 new Thriving Earth Exchange projects at the 2016 Project Launch Workshop!