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Assessing the Impacts of a Quarry Mining Project on the Sacred Grounds of Juristac

Gilroy, California

Featured image for the project, Assessing the Impacts of a Quarry Mining Project on the Sacred Grounds of Juristac

Scientist Wanted

A Thriving Earth Exchange Community comprised of members of the Amah Mutsun Tribe near Gilroy, California is seeking scientists to provide expert review of a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) being conducted by Santa Clara County.  The EIR is in response to a proposal for the Sargent Ranch quarry mining project. The region targeted by the proposed mining project includes the sacred grounds of Juristac, which hold great cultural and spiritual significance for the Amah Mutsun tribe.

The draft Environmental Impact Report currently being carried out by the county includes analysis of biological resources, technical issues, tribal and cultural resources, as well as environmental impacts to the land.

The community is specifically looking for scientists who can provide expert review covering the following topics:

  • Sand & Gravel: Specifically, the community is seeking an expert to provide a cost-benefit analysis of the amount of ‘concrete’ sand available in the region targeted for mining. Some questions requiring answers include: “Is the supply of projected concrete sand available accurate? What additional processing at cost will be necessary to extract the resource?”
  • Groundwater Hydrology: The proposed mining site connects to Pajaro River (inhabited by several endangered species, etc.) The community is seeking scientists with hydrological expertise; understanding the likely needs of type of mining operations and capacity to assess the following questions:
    • Are water demands being projected accurately?
    • For the proposed mining operations what are the potential downstream impacts (qualitative and quantitative); or localized impacts (to local tributaries).


For more detailed information on the proposed mining project, please visit the links below: