We are currently accepting applications for our January 2021 cohort of Community Science Fellows and Community Leaders.  Apply by 6 November!

Start a Thriving Earth Exchange Project

Now accepting U.S.-based community applications for the AGU-AMS-ASTC cohort!

Apply by 6 November


What is a Thriving Earth Exchange Project?

Thriving Earth Exchange projects start with community priorities, and any community can start a project with us. Communities of any size from around the world are encouraged to submit a local priority, issue, and/or project idea related to natural hazards, natural resources, or climate change. Examples of past projects include Assessing Flood Risks for Community-Led Action in Gulfport, Mississippi, Updating a Climate Vulnerability Assessment in Santa Cruz, California, and Mapping Heat Vulnerability and Community Health in the Bronx, New York, among many others! All we ask is that you commit the time and energy needed to work hand-in-hand with a volunteer scientist and Community Science Fellow.

Thriving Earth Exchange is free of charge for communities and projects typically do not come with funding. We design projects that can have an impact on the community priority with creativity, in-kind support, and resources at hand. Projects are supported by specially trained staff and Community Science Fellows (in addition to a volunteer scientist), and typically conclude within 6-18 months. If your project idea doesn’t fit one of the categories above, make a note of that in your project application (but don’t let that stop you from applying!)

Thriving Earth Exchange launches projects quarterly. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Submit an application in response to a specific initiative or at any time with a general idea.

Interested in being a Thriving Earth Exchange Community?

Apply to one of the following cohorts or submit a general application using the links below. If you have an idea of what you’d like to do but aren’t sure if it’s ready for prime time, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone (202.777.7304) and we’ll talk it through with you. Keep in mind that your project idea does NOT need to be fully fleshed out- this is something you’ll do in partnership with your Fellow!

  • Not quite ready? Submit an application now and select “other” to describe the project you want to be considered for future calls.


Note: Prior to engaging with Thriving Earth Exchange, all communities are asked to read and consent to two documents. Should you have any questions regarding these documents or their contents, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]


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