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Michael Kleeman

Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board


Manager and Educator
Homeland Security Program
University of California at San Diego

Michael Kleeman is a senior fellow at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) working with the School of International Relations and its affiliated Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC). His current activities focus on ecosystem services and sustainability, emerging markets communications, and the utilization of mobile devices in health care.  Formerly a Vice President at The Boston Consulting Group, Director at Arthur D. Little, and a founding executive at Sprint International and with Wiltel, Kleeman has been involved with numerous technology companies in North America, Europe and Africa as advisor and executive. His recent work includes advising telecom firms in several nations in Sub-Saharan Africa on network architecture and upgrades.  He has also worked extensively in environmental areas advising the Natural Capital Project at Stanford and numerous firms in technology and communications. He currently serves on the Boards of The Marine Mammal Center in California, SEACOM, and is the National Strategy Chair for the President, Humanitarian Services, of the American Red Cross.  He holds an MA from the Claremont Graduate School, an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University.