The Thriving Earth Exchange team is available to travel across the country to conduct community science workshops at conferences, universities and other institutions. We are especially excited to work with institutions who value applied science that benefits communities and generates action for positive societal change and are happy to discuss how a Thriving Earth workshop could be a first step for greater community science engagement. In these interactive workshops, we cover topics such as how to:

  • Overcome barriers to the co-creation of science with communities
  • Make community science projects a success from start to finish
  • Develop community science projects that lead to successful outcomes
To request a workshop, please fill out this form, and thank you for your interest!

Current Offerings

Community Science 101 for Scientists

Community science has the power to transform your science into an impactful force for good!  Join Thriving Earth staff for this workshop to learn and practice the skills needed to build effective relationships with communities to address critical local needs in climate change, natural hazards and natural resources.

Intended Audience: Scientists who are interested in working with communities. Early career scientists and graduate students are encouraged to attend.

Goal: To provide scientists with the skills and confidence they need to conduct successful community science projects with communities.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify barriers to co-creation of science and teach ways to overcome these barriers
  • Provide concrete strategies that scientists can employ to make community science projects a success
  • Teach participants how to scope community science projects through hands-on interactive activities that allow them to practice strategies and techniques

Length: 2 hours


Project Launch Workshop

This workshop will help scientists and community leaders develop collaborative, locally impactful projects together. Thriving Earth connects Earth and space scientists to communities around the world working toward solutions related to climate change, natural hazards, and natural resources.

Intended Audience: Scientists and community leaders interested in launching new Thriving Earth projects.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Launch new Thriving Earth projects with community leaders using the assistance of Earth and Space Scientists (ESSs)
  • Teach ESSs the key steps and information needed to scope community science projects

Length: 2-4 hours (depends on needs and venue)



Attendees of our workshops give them universally favorable reviews, reporting that they feel more confident engaging with communities following the workshop.  Some of our participants’ favorite elements include the interactive activities that use real-world examples to put strategies into practice through role playing.

Opportunities for Partnerships and Follow-Up

Thriving Earth recognizes that there are other individuals and organizations pursuing capacity development in community science. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others to develop new offerings. We welcome opportunities to integrate workshops within larger, complementary conferences or symposiums.

Following any workshop, we like to put the skills learned by participants into action. Every participant or institution is encouraged to consider a Thriving Earth workshop as the beginning of a larger community science focus, initiative or engagement. Institutions should contact Thriving Earth to discuss opportunities to practice and support community science internally or through collaboration with partners. Individuals are encouraged to review opportunities to engage with Thriving Earth or do community science (see opportunities for community leaders and scientists).

Thriving Earth is continuously looking to improve its workshops and welcomes opportunities to leverage partner ideas and resources. Contact us to start a conversation.


Workshop FAQs

When can we request a workshop? We take requests on a rolling basis. We ask for at least a few months preparation time when requesting a specific date. Due to preparations required for our annual meeting in December, we do not accept workshop requests for November or December.

How many individuals can participate in a workshop? Attendance at our workshops ranges from 15-75 to allow for one-on-one interaction and role play.

Who can attend the workshops? While members of the host institution are given priority, we ask that hosts be willing to consider opening the workshop to other interested participants in their geographic area.

What does a workshop cost? We ask hosting institutions to cover the presenters’ (1-2 individuals) travel costs and to provide the venue and lunch/refreshments for attendees. For local, D.C.-area workshops, we charge a flat fee of $1,000.


Register for a Workshop

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