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Sharing Solutions: Announcing Winners

015_3200_TEX-Digital-Assets_620x375The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to use cloud-computing and Earth and space science to advance solutions to community challenges related to natural resources, climate change and natural hazards. After an open call for projects, four winners have been chosen whose projects exemplify this goal. Each prototype is being moved to the AWS platform where they will be made publicly available for other communities to use and expand upon.



OpenAQ: Opening Up the World’s Real-Time Air Quality Data
Submitted by Christa Hasenkopf, OpenAQ promotes human and environmental health and international engagement of science, media and technology to address the difficulty of tracking and leveraging air quality data.

Phenological Forecasts in Support of Traditional Tribal Agriculture
Ted Wong, of Bellwether Climate Strategies, submitted a novel and innovative approach to blend the wisdom of the ages with advancements of technology, analytics, and scientific knowledge in order to anticipate changes in climate.


Optimizing Local Thresholds for Flash Flood Prediction
A student led project, Zachary Flamig and his advisor Jonathan Gourley, submitted FLASH (Flooded Locations And Simulated Hydrographs) – a project that leverages existing technologies, resources, infrastructure and relationships to address critical data, knowledge and assessment gaps that will enhance the effectiveness of flood response and mitigation strategies.

AQIQ – A Program to Encourage Air Quality Data Collection and Education
Submitted by Michael Hannigan, AQ-IQ is a practical and participatory citizen science approach to air quality data collection and improving data quality whilst providing resources for STEM based education and engagement.

Winners Receive

$15,000 in grant funds to use AWS on-demand cloud services.
Free registration to attend the annual 2015 AGU Fall Meeting, an Earth and space science conference attracting over 24,000 attendees.
Assistance and direction in highlighting the project to enable adaptation by other communities and increase broader impact.



Next Steps: Sharing Solutions


Each winning project will be moved to the cloud with AWS’ guidance. Once complete, team leads will be given the opportunity to share their tool with the wider community through an in-person event as well as an online webinar. Their projects will be publicly available on the AWS platform, as a resource for all communities to use and adapt to their own specific needs.




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