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About Thriving Earth Exchange

Thriving Earth Exchange has 10 years of experience managing projects, running trainings, and collaborating with partners on community science initiatives. We have launched over 250 projects in 5+ countries.

Our Mission

Thriving Earth Exchange strengthens and enhances collaboration among communities, scientists, and partner organizations so that all communities can build healthy, resilient, thriving, just, and ecologically responsible futures.

Our Vision

Thriving Earth Exchange is a leader in contributing to global well-being by supporting communities’ awareness and application of science, and promotes equity by ensuring that all communities benefit from the opportunity to participate in, contribute to, and guide the use of scientific knowledge.

Our Actions

AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange program connects communities with scientists and supports them as they work together to tackle local challenges related to natural hazards, natural resources, and climate change. 

Community Science happens when communities and scientists do science together to advance community priorities. “Doing science” includes defining questions, designing protocols, collecting and analyzing data, and using scientific knowledge in decision-making. Every community science project begins with community voice, is guided by community knowledge, and ends in community impact. 

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Be a key member of a community science team and work on a 6-18 month community science project designed for local impact. 

  • Community LeadsProject design starts with community voice! If you represent a community including local or regional governments, tribal governments, community-based organizations, grassroots organizations, or other advocacy or non-profit groups, launch a project with us! We’ll match you with a Community Science Fellow and Community Scientist(s) to drive local impact. 
  • Community Scientists:  As a volunteer community scientist, you’ll use your science to do good in a community. You’ll use your scientific knowledge, networks, and skills to help refine the project and ensure it succeeds. Join our community scientist network to be notified regularly about opportunities to join a project team!  
  • Community Science Fellows Fellows are the glue that holds together the project teamserving as project managers, facilitators, and connectors. Apply to upcoming opportunities to join a cohort of people from all backgrounds and careers stages interested in growing their practice of community science while guiding a project from idea to impact.   

You can also get involved by checking out current collaboration opportunities, exploring our resources, and joining our Global Community Science WhatsApp group. Our staff are also available for trainings and collaborations and can be reached at [email protected].

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