This page contains documents developed or recommended by Thriving Earth Exchange to support project teams, or others interested in community science. Check back often as we continue to build this library!


TEX Project Resources


Document Description
Thriving Earth Exchange Project Milestones  The Thriving Earth Exchange Project Milestones are steps that guide you through a project from the first exploration of how science and community priorities connect to a completed project with concrete, impactful deliverables. Each milestone builds on the step before it and prepares you for the next milestone. Link
Guide to Your First Meeting  This document is a guide for a first working meeting. It contains a set of questions that will help you both get your working relationship off to a very productive start. You can use it as an informal discussion guide or as a template for a more formal agreement about how a new project will unfold. Link
10 Tips for Engaging with Communities An overview of the challenges of co-creation and some of the successful strategies that have been used to overcome those challenges. Link
How to Create Great Images Follow these simple steps and the next time you have to explain your project or give a presentation, you’ll be armed with some eye-catching visuals to give the great impression your work deserves. Link
Community Science Guidance for Scientists A compilation of resources selected or developed by Thriving Earth Exchange to help scientists get started doing community science and engage successfully with communities. Link

Recommended Reading

Document Source Description
Community-Driven Research in the Anthropocene Raj Pandya A paper published around the time TEX started which outlines approaches we apply and why TEX and community science are necessary. Link
A How-to Guide for Coproduction of Actionable Science Beier, Paul, et al., Conservation letters  A paper about boundary spanning which focuses on climate change. Link
Community-based Participatory Research: Policy Recommendations for Promoting a Partnership Approach in Health Research Israel, Barbara A., et al. Education for Health  A set of recommendations for Community Based Participatory Research Link
Salience, Credibility, Legitimacy and Boundaries: Linking Research, Assessment and Decision Making Cash, David, et al., John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University  A foundational paper about boundary spanning science. Link
Scientist-Community Partnerships: A Scientist’s Guide to Successful Collaboration Union of Concerned Scientists Center for Science and Democracy A guide that explains some of the benefits and challenges of community partnerships and offers specific advice for finding partnership opportunities, building relationships with community groups, and overcoming barriers to successful collaboration. Click here for a related worksheet. Link
The 3 Levels of Listening Michael Warden A useful three-level model about listening. Link


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