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Eric Davidson

Ex Officio

E DAVIDSONDirector, Appalachian Laboratory

Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland

AGU President

Eric Davidson is a senior scientist and former executive director of the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts. His research focuses on the effects of land management on soil fertility and ecosystem health. He studies the exchange of plant nutrients from the land to streams and to groundwater and the exchange of greenhouse gases between the soil and atmosphere. In Brazil, he works in forests, cattle pastures, and agricultural fields in the Amazonian and Cerrado regions. In New England, he studies forests regrowing since agricultural abandonment about a century ago. He has written a popular book, You Can’t Eat GNP, which explores the links between economics and ecology for students and laypersons. Eric holds a PhD in forestry from North Carolina State University and held post-doctoral positions in soil microbiology and biogeochemistry at the University of California and at NASA Ames Research Center before moving to Woods Hole in 1991. He is currently the President-Elect of AGU and serves as the Council Chair on the AGU Council Leadership Team.

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