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Success Stories

Stories of Scientists and Communities Working Together to Make an Impact

Marine Debris Cleanup: There’s an App for That

Keeping a Special Place Special: Coastal Resiliency on Cape Cod

Community Health Clubs Tackle Climate Change Impacts in Vietnam

Fighting Wildfire Assumptions With Data

Collaborating to Improve Home Water Treatment in Rural China

Taking Health into Their Own Hands: A Wyoming Town Responds to Natural Gas Operations

In a Canadian Collaboration, Respect Underpins Rules of Engagement with Indigenous Nations

The Nature Conservancy and NASA DEVELOP See Atlanta’s Urban Forests for Its Trees

Resilience Dialogues: A model for building climate resilience

An International Collaboration to Save Forests in El Salvador

Bypassing bureaucracy to make small changes with big impacts

Facing Fracking Fears, Tribal Advocate Finds Affirmation in Water Contaminant Study

Geospatial Approaches Help Boston Communities Push for Transportation Equity

After a devastating earthquake abroad, a university community asks ‘How can we help?’

Streaming Flash Flood Forecasts into the Hands of Emergency Managers

Art Helps a Scientific Collaboration Come to Life

Safe Air for Denver Homes

Innovative Information Sharing Helps Farmers in India Adapt to Climate Change

Texas Town Seeks Savvy Scientist: WANTED Notice Leads to a Match

Water, People, and Policy

Seismic sensing for the developing world: Could smartphones hold the key?

Finding Out Why a Seemingly Low-Emissions City Has So Much Smog

Keeping it local: New online tools let water managers more accurately gauge drought

University Takes an Unconventional Path to Climate Action

Collaborative Mapping: Engaging the Community in Resource Management

A California Community Shows How Advancing Air Quality Takes Technology, Teamwork, and Time

Collaborative Building Design Brings Together Engineering Students and Local Community

Old Meets New: Cloud Computing for Ecological Calendars

Preventing Pollution Door-to-Door

Bayside Gazette Article: Berlin Falls to get help from pro-bono scientists at TEX

Bouncing Back: How One Community Weathered Twin Disasters with Practical Solutions and Prudent Partnerships

Closing the Air Quality Data Gap in the Developing World

Don’t know where to go when the volcano blows? Crowdsource it.

Filters for Families- Bringing Clean Drinking Water to Nepal

Webster Wins AGU's International Award

Connecting Earthquake Science to the Community

Climate Podcasts: Part 2, Fort Collins, CO

Climate Podcasts: Part 1, Eugene, OR