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How it All Began…

Since 1919, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) has supported and promoted discovery in Earth and space science. The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX), launched by AGU, builds on this by offering a new way to inspire the application of scientific research and inviting more communities to participate in and benefit from science. AGU is seeking partners, sponsors, communities and problem solvers to help advance the Thriving Earth Exchange and address complex issues for the benefit of communities and our planet.

The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) is designed to make a global impact by connecting scientists and communities to solve regional and local environmental challenges

It is powered by a worldwide network of scientific talent focused on the problems threatening our planet. TEX is driven by the real-world challenges that local communities face every day — challenges related to natural hazards, natural resources, and climate change. It will succeed through the collaborations it builds, bringing together communities, scientists, and sponsors to implement local solutions and weaving those local solutions together to make a global impact.

Communities seeking solutions to regional problems centered upon climate change, natural hazards and natural resources can tap into the wisdom of scientists and other experts around the world with the support of foundations and donors—all connected by the TEX and all invested in creating
a healthier planet for all.

Further to seeking solutions to regional problems, TEX projects will engage communities, scientists and industry in an effective and sustainable manner so that solutions can be implemented for as long as necessary. Necessity will be determined jointly by both communities and scientists
involved with input from TEX.

How is this achieved?

Community science projects can be launched, at any stage of a project lifecycle. TEX aims to facilitate and build a network of Seekers, Scientists and Sponsors who work in a collaborative way, building relations to solve a common goal. The TEX approach aims to connect Seekers, Scientists and Sponsors with the TEX project modules to ensure a community science project is put into action.


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