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How to Start a Discussion

Category: Tools

We have selected some tools that will help you work with communities to design projects



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Human Centered Design Toolkit

 Human-Centered Design is the concept of working with the people that solutions are often designed for by listening to community concerns and understanding how best to apply solutions together.






Resilientville is an exercise that creates participant awareness of the benefits in problem solving at the neighborhood level. The role-playing exercise enables community participation and hones in on challenges to devise resilient solutions.



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Painting Participation

“A full spectrum guide to selecting tools, methods and approaches for fostering productive dialogue about complex problems”




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Shared Learning Dialogue – Building Stakeholder Capacity and Engagement for Resilience Action

Shared learning is an approach to participatory planning and problem solving in complex situations, characterized by mutual learning among participants, improved decision making, and an increased level of participation from local and external experts.

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Assessing Community Needs and Resources

The toolkit provides comprehensive, step-by-step guidance and examples on how to assess community concerns, as well as introducing participatory approaches and methods of analysis.

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