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Who is a ‘Community Leader”?

Someone who is an informal or formal leader of a group of people located in a particular geographical location. The term can also apply to a group of people with similar interests or values such as a religious group, local government, local business groups, local academic bodies, and non-governmental organizations.

Your community should:

  • Recognize the need for Earth or space science expertise (along with other interdisciplinary expertise)
  • Show willingness to make tangible commitment to the Thriving Earth Exchange process and its outcomes by dedicating time, resources or money.
  • Show willingness to implement the ideas and provide regular updates with our support.
  • Have a problem or priority that might be relevant to other communities. If you aren’t sure about this, talk to us!



Who is a “Scientist”?

An Earth scientist looking to join or start a community science project. You are looking to apply your scientific research to address a local need, and are willing to collaborate with communities and sponsors to achieve shared goals.

Are you ready?

  • An Earth or space scientist engaged in science that is relevant to climate change, natural hazards and/or natural resource management
  • Willing to incorporate community experience and expertise into research and long-term solutions
  • Interest and/or experience working with communities
  • You have an interest in building science communication skills (To help develop these skills, check out the AGU science communication workshops!)



Who is a “Sponsor”?

A sponsor is anyone representing an organization, institution, foundation, private sector, public sector that is willing to fund or take the lead on fundraising a community science initiative.

Are you ready?

  • Are you willing to be a partner in a climate change, natural hazards, or natural resources project?
  • Are you interested in sustainability, resilience, and community empowerment through science?
  • Are you willing to raise or give money?





What We Do





We focus exclusively on projects that integrate science into community priorities and involve real partnership at every stage from designing the project to applying the results. We do this in person and online. We dream of a world where scientists get as much credit for working with a community as they do for publishing a paper.TEX has four modules you can use to start new community science projects or join existing ones. They are:

Discuss: For synthesizing science and community perspectives

Solve: For posing specific challenges and inviting solutions

Fund: For finding seed money to take your project to the next stage

Do: For creating the team you need to implement the solution




What We Need From You


We believe we have the right tools, partners and expertise to take your project from idea to implementation.

Completing the form below will give us a great idea on what you aim to achieve, and how best we can ensure your project is a success.