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October 2022 Community Science Projects with National Park Service

The application deadline for this opportunity is September 8.

Thriving Earth Exchange is pleased to partner with the National Park Service to launch a cohort of community science projects. NPS and AGU share interests, value the principles of community science, and employ practices supporting conservation, education, and sustainable living in physical-social landscapes. Through our collaboration and community science efforts, we achieve mutual goals of enhancing conservation, public enjoyment, and sustainable communities and landscapes (including parks) while promoting the practice and applications of science.


Call for Community Project Applications

Communities and community groups of all kinds are invited to partner with the National Park Service and AGU Thriving Earth Exchange to design and launch a project that unites community and science to advance community priorities. We are currently accepting joint applications from community leaders in the U.S. and National Park Service employees. (See “Special Cohort Note” below.)

We are accepting community applications for projects that inform and tackle local priorities relating to water, climate, weather, health, resilience, and sustainability in partnership with their local national park. Examples of past projects include Assessing Flood Risks for Community-Led Action in Gulfport, MississippiUpdating a Climate Vulnerability Assessment in Santa Cruz, California, and Monitoring Plastic Pollution in Staunton, Virginia, among many others! If your project idea doesn’t fit one of the categories above, don’t let that stop you from applying! We’ll follow up to discuss the best way to get started.

This program is free of charge for communities and projects come with limited funding. We design projects that can have an impact on the community priority with creativity, in-kind support, and resources at hand. Projects are supported by specially trained staff at AGU and NPS, and typically conclude within 6-18 months.

Getting started is simple, and the first step is to apply online. Share your priority with us, and we will follow up with you to have a conversation. Ideas do not need to be fully developed to apply.


Special Cohort Note:

Communities for this cohort should apply in coordination with a National Park Service employee.

If you are not in communication with a National Park service employee and interested in this opportunity, please contact Blake McGhGhy ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience.



June 2022 – Applications open.

  • June 2, 2022 – Information session for National Park Service employees

September 8, 2022 – Application Deadline for both Community Science Fellows and Communities

  • After September 8 – Communities will be contacted by Thriving Earth Exchange staff to confirm alignment with program. Selected Fellow applicants will be contacted for interviews.

Late September – Selection decisions

Mid-October (Date TBA) – 1-hour Community orientation

October 26-27, 2022 (12-5:00 p.m. Eastern Time) – Mandatory orientation for Community Science Fellows.

October 31, 2022 – Projects officially launch


Community Application Form

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