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Spring 2020 California

Community Science Fellows Program

Spring 2020 California Cohort (Deadline Friday 21 February)!

  • The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is a cabinet-level organization that coordinates and works collaboratively with public agencies, communities, and stakeholders to achieve sustainability, equity, economic prosperity, and quality of life for all Californians. SGC is committed to promoting racial equity and to providing funding and capacity-building to historically marginalized and/or underserved communities. These include California Native American Tribes, as well as communities classified as disadvantaged by CalEnviroScreen, low-income, and climate vulnerable communities.SGC hopes that this cohort of Community Science Fellows, located in California, will increase the capacity of communities across the state to address their climate and/or sustainability priorities.  After completing their projects, Fellows will have opportunities to continue their involvement with the State of California by engaging in upcoming capacity building and research-related initiatives. SGC will view Community Science Fellows as regional resources with experience in California communities, and anticipates future opportunities for Fellows to work with various State-related programs and initiatives.


Learn more about the Community Science Fellows program here. 

Selection Criteria for California Thriving Earth Exchange Collaboration (Spring 2020):

  • (For April 2020) Thriving Earth Exchange will give preference to applicants living, and/or working or researching in California. Ideally, applicants will have experience working with diverse stakeholders, including low-income/disadvantaged communities.
  • Education: (minimum) undergraduate degree
  • Career stage: any
  • Science background:  not required formally, but some interest/familiarly is necessary
  • Commitment to and experience in (or strong intent to pursue) community science
  • A passion for elevating community-led action and local priorities
  • Project management and facilitation skills
  • Leadership experience in multidisciplinary/culturally sensitive environments
  • (Preferred) Evidence of consistency and longer-term reliability in volunteer work or community engagement
  • Enthusiasm about both the role, and about engaging with Thriving Earth Exchange and the California Strategic Growth Council more generally
  • Willingness and ability to be reflective about their role and the Thriving Earth Exchange program
  • Humility, ability to listen, communication skills



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