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AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange advances community science. We help scientists, community leaders and sponsors work together to solve local environmental science challenges. Find community science projects to join.

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Help small-scale farmers adapt to climate change by updating their ecological calendars. Join discussions or submit a proposal!


Metal contamination could be causing high cancer rates in local community. YOUR funding can help!

Leaders of the Barren River Development District used the Thriving Earth Exchange to improve water management in their region. Before working with the exchange, water managers had to rely on statewide data that often didn’t accurately reflect local conditions. County leaders worked with the Exchange to pose an open challenge, and are now working with the winning team to develop new tools and leverage a dense, local network of surface weather stations.

World pioneering Mesonet being used in Kentucky to understand local drought. It needs YOUR funding.

White Earth Nation Community College, on the White Earth Nation in Northern Minnesota, was looking for user-friendly and low cost ways to monitor local water quality. The quality of water is crucial to the tribe, because of the cultural and economic importance of wild rice. College leaders used the Exchange to connect with a group of local, culturally aware scientists and are working with them to design a water quality monitoring protocol and data management system, and crowd fund easy-to-use sampling kits.

Tribal members want to understand the chemistry of the lakes they depend on. Support them now!

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Tools and Resources Introduction to Thriving Earth Exchange

Watch our introductory videos on doing good with science.

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Tools and Resources Participatory Action Research

A Toolkit for Participatory Action Research from the community development project, including case studies, activities and tools


Tools and Resources Disaster Mitigation: A Community Based Approach

Andrew Maskrey highlights disaster mitigation on a community-scale

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Tools and Resources Community Toolkit

This is a comprehensive collection of toolkits and webpages with content related to community science, partnership building and collaborative research. From learning how to build relationships within a community to developing strategies and plans for your research, this website is like an encyclopedia for all things community science.


Tools and Resources Community-Driven Research in the Anthropocene

Written by Rajul Pandya, the Thriving Earth Exchange Program Director, this article provides brief technical insight on community science in the Anthropocene