Thriving Earth Exchange

AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange advances solutions-oriented science. We help scientists, community leaders and sponsors work together to solve local challenges. There are two ways to engage for:

How It Works

There are four essential steps to take a community science project from idea to implementation.

Project Update Oakland, CA

Developing Climate Change Resilient Storm Water Management Systems

"Downtown Oakland Morning Skyline "

Scientist Wanted Sri Lanka

Chronic Kidney Disease of Non-Traditional Causes (CKDnt) Epidemic in Sri Lanka

Sarvodaya Challege Image

Project Update Pamir Mountains

Using Climate Data to Adapt Local Agricultural Calendars

15_8_7 pamir mountains

Project Update Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart

Denver Neighborhoods and a PhD Student Are Investigating Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart (TNH2H), a collection of five Denver neighborhoods, used the Exchange to further their vision of a healthy neighborhood and build on their 15 years of experience working with public health researchers by looking at the connection between environment and human health. To explore the connection between environmental and human health in their neighborhoods, TNH2H leaders used the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting to meet with over 80 geoscientists. Based on these discussions, TNH2H Community leaders connected with a team of Denver-area atmospheric scientists and civil engineers to develop a community air-quality program.

Project Update Support Eugene's 350 Carbon Budget

An AGU Scientist Helping to Set Local Emission Targets Consistent With 350ppm Globally

Official Eugene image

Scientist Wanted Horn of Africa

Transboundary Water Monitoring based on Remotely Sensed Data


Project Update Nepal

Filters for Families bringing safe water to Nepal


Scientist Wanted Santa Barbara, CA

Oil Seepage

Santa Barbara_OfficialImage

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Solutions Science Sessions

Find solutions-oriented science sessions at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting and why the Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) team would recommend attending.

Call for City Challenges

All local jurisdictions in the US are encouraged to submit a project challenge that focuses on the natural environment and focuses on solving a specific, local issue related to natural resource, climate change or natural hazards.

Matching Communities and Scientists

Learn how the Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) matches communities with a scientific partner to design and develop solutions to real-world local challenges.

Sharing Solutions: Call for Projects

The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to use cloud-computing and Earth and space science to advance solutions to community challenges related to natural resources, climate change and natural hazards. Apply now!