Thriving Earth Exchange

AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange advances community solutions. We help scientists, community leaders and sponsors work together to solve local challenges related to natural resources, climate change and natural hazards. There are two ways to engage for:

How It Works

There are four essential steps to take a community science project from idea to implementation.

Project Update – June 20 Berlin, MD

Berlin conducts a site visit for remediation of Berlin Falls Park

400 X 400 Berlin MD

Scientist Wanted – June 8th Hermosa Beach, CA

Hermosa Beach is assessing appropriate renewable energy options toward the city's goal of carbon neutrality

Photo courtesy of Neil Kremer

Project Update – June 7th Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan and Tajikistan

National Geographic features article on Pamir Mountains ecological calendars

A yak herd crosses the high-altitude plateau of the Little Pamir Mountains, on the borders of China, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. Photo courtesy of Matthieu Paley

Project Update – June 6th Washington, DC

DC gathers data, protects human subjects


Project Update – May 24th Brookline, MA

Brookline regroups, welcomes Maria Morelli


Scientist Wanted – May 26th Pittsburgh, PA

Creating a Carbon Inventory and Dashboard