Thriving Earth Exchange

AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange advances community solutions. We help scientists, community leaders and sponsors work together to solve local challenges related to natural resources, climate change and natural hazards. There are two ways to engage for:

How It Works

There are four essential steps to take a community science project from idea to implementation.

Building Community Resilience to Extreme Heat

The Brookline-TEX team has completed their project as of Feb. 2017!

Scientist Wanted: Reno, NV

Evaluating Local Climate Risk and Identifying Resilience Opportunities

Scientist Wanted: Hayward, CA

Gauging the Impact of Sea Level Rise on Wetlands

Scientist Wanted: San Francisco, CA

Supporting an Adaptive Management Approach to Reducing Transportation Emissions

Scientist Wanted: Ontario, CA

Addressing Bacterial Contamination in a Constructed Wetland

TEX Year in Review: 2016

In 2017, TEX will expand the number of projects we support, develop new ways to advance community science, and raise funds to sustain and grow our impact. Even as we look ahead, the TEX team would like to thank you and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together in 2016.