Jessica Ball

Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board

Dr. Jessica Ball

Science Policy Fellow
Geological Society of America
AGU Student Representative

Dr. Jessica Ball is the Geological Society of America’s Science Policy Fellow and currently covers legislative issues related to the geosciences from their Washington DC office. She completed her doctorate at SUNY Buffalo in February 2014, conducting research on how the stability of silicic lava domes is affected by water over short and long timescales; her work incorporates field mapping, remote sensing, geochemistry, and computer modeling to answer questions about where and why water-related dome collapses occur. Previously, she received her BS in Geology from the College of William & Mary in 2007, and worked from 2007-2008 as the Outreach and Education Assistant at the American Geosciences Institute. Jessica is an active geoblogger and currently writes the Magma Cum Laude blog for AGU’s Geoblogosphere. She served as the Student Representative for AGU’s Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology Section from 2011-2014, as a member of AGU’s Grand Challenge Task Force, and she is currently a member of the Science For Solutions Award Committee.