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100 Resilient Cities (100 RC) and TEX


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In recent months, TEX has matched scientists to attend and present at Lisbon, Portugal’s Agenda Setting Workshop and Medellìn, Colombia Strategy Release Event. Upon 100RC’s request, Dr. Pedro Manuel Alberto de Miranda of Universidade de Lisboa gave a presentation on climate change impacts on the elderly in Lisbon at their May 25th Agenda Setting Workshop. Through its matching process, TEX selected Dr. Miranda to make this presentation to the workshop based upon his expertise and base in Lisbon.


In related news, the City of Medellìn, Colombia invited TEX to send AGU representatives with expertise in watershed monitoring and early warning systems to their Strategy Release Event 27-28 July. Through the TEX matching process, AGU members Dr. Jorge Julian Vélez Upegui, Dr. Andrés Ochoa Jaramillo (both of Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Medellín) and Dr. Paola Andrea Arias Gomez (Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín) were selected to attend. By attending the Strategy Release event, these scientists will be present to provide input on Medellin’s strategy. It is expected that they will identify ways in which they or other AGU scientists might collaborate with the city and 100RC to strengthen its early warning system and risk communication strategies.


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