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Accomplishments and Goals



What we’ve accomplished:

  • TEX met with TNH2H leaders and community members several times to understand local priorities and explore how environmental factors contributed to community health and well-being.
  • TNH2H leaders led a workshop at the AGU fall meeting in 2013, in which they worked with scientists to brainstorm how they might address concerns about soil quality, water quality, air quality and neighborhood resilience to climate change and natural hazards.  This workshop also introduced AGU scientists to participatory methods.
  • Based on community decisions to focus on air quality, TNH2H invited several local scientists to meet with community members, including Ashley Collier.
  • TEX introduced Ms. Collier and TNH2H to one another and we worked with both to develop tractable, actionable research questions about the local environment.
  • TEX helped connect the project team with tools and resources that they used to advance their work, including a successful crowd-based funding campaign that raised over 4000 dollars for the pilot.
  • We connected TNH2H and Ms. Collier other projects and other project leaders, so they could share successes, strategies, and lessons-learned.
  • TEX supported the development of novel infographics (1) (2) that can be used to share project results, both with residents and other projects.
  • TEX has written several letters of support for the project and the project leads, to help them get funds, resources and training.


Over the next two years, we will:

  • Attend community meetings and project team meetings (when possible) and share our learning from other community-based efforts
  • Connect the TNH2H team with other scientific or regulatory experts, leveraging AGU’s network of 61,000 scientists.
  • Offer opportunities to share the project in scientific and non-scientific venues and offer guidance and in-kind support toward the development of materials about the project
  • Connect TNH2H with new opportunities and resources that can advance the project
  • Help connect TNH2H with other community science projects to share effective strategies and lessons-learned.
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