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Brandywine-TEX Project Launched

The Brandywine, MD-TEX project launched in January 2017. BTB Coalition president Kamita Gray will work with Dr. Akua Asa-Awuku, an associate professor at the University of Maryland – College Park. Kamita and Akua will work together to assess the air quality impacts from local industrial activity and communicate those impacts to local residents to facilitate greater understanding of human health consequences.

Akua will review the existing data and reports available concerning Brandywine’s air pollution, and will collect additional data on the magnitude and nature of local air quality impacts. Once this data is collected, she will review the results and work with Kamita to communicate them to residents. Kamita will facilitate the collection of other information from the community, and relay concerns and enable connections to key individuals within the community as needed.

As a result of this collaboration, Brandywine will have the information that it needs to a) help residents recognize and understand how the local environment is affecting their health and b) to engage on a more equal footing with industry groups and local legislatures.

Kamita and Akua will have their first in-person meeting on Tuesday, February 28 in Brandywine, Maryland.

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