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Chelsea team meets local Environmental Justice organization and gears up for summer public meeting

In the Chelsea-TEX team has made strong strides towards completing a overall climate vulnerability assessment. They have been able to meet with most stakeholders in the community and have only two remaining meetings. The highlight of their stakeholder meetings was meeting with Chelsea GreenRoots, a local environmental justice group. Chelsea GreenRoots does a lot of environmental work in Chelsea around environmental justice and air quality. In the past, the city has worked with them to do local climate preparedness planning. Through this meeting, the team learned that there is more climate awareness in community, therefore, it’s a good time to engage them.


By next month, the team will have met with the remaining stakeholder groups and be ready to schedule their first public meeting (TBD in late June/early July) to discuss preliminary work with the community.


Since Asha Sharma has recently obtained a summer data science fellowship, the team has pushed their revised final project completion date to late August 2017.

Natasha Udu-gama editor

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