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Colebrook, NH Community Science Fellow Completes Sampling and Presents to Local High School Students

By Bradley Geismar, TEX Community Science Fellow, Colebrook, NH

On Friday, April 20th, the students of Colebrook had an opportunity to learn about the complicated task of environmental remediation during a presentation on a decade-spanning clean-up operation at the Town’s municipal landfill. During the presentation, the students learned about the crucial link between scientific awareness and regulatory practice. They learned how scientific awareness can help create informed regulatory practices, and also learned how gaps in communication between the two can lead to the creation of brown-sites. While discussing the history of the landfill and the timeline of contaminant discovery, Colebrook Academy’s students learned how scientists use their knowledge to investigate a site and determine the best course of remedial action. By the end of the presentation, the students recognized how easy it can be to take clean drinking water for granted and the importance of protecting drinking water resources.

Colebrook Landfill TEX Report – Bradley Geismar

Natasha Udu-gama editor

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