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Colebrook team has their first meeting

In their first meeting (via phone because Dave Ellerbroek, the scientific lead, is remote), the Colebrook team discussed the data the town has shared. They are now ready to move on to what the information means.  Becky had prepared a sheet of the different treatment options that the town is considering which proved useful to the team. Dave proposed that they will build upon this by developing a site conceptual model. They will use his masters students in the course he teaches on Groundwater Contaminant Transport at the Colorado School of Mines to have students illustrate what is known and not known of the hydrogeology of Colebrook site. The team would then use the site conceptual model as a decision-making tool/discussion format of what they propose to do with the site. Specifically, they will use this model to:

  • Hydraulic capture scenario
  • Look at trying to identify the source
  • Look at different scenarios
  • Use that info to evaluate different treatment technologies.

The team decided that they will have bi-weekly check-ins scheduled for an hour starting from 24 March. They also requested a shared folder in the TEX Google Drive. By their next meeting (in 2 weeks), the team will discuss:

  • Progress with students [Site conceptual model development and who might be able to be there in summer? ]
  • Funding [Identify sources of funding to have a student at the site in the summer of 2017.]
  • Becky‚Äôs webinar (Skype video) on April 4th. [Dave requested that Becky skype into the class to provide context for the students developing site conceptual models.]

By the time TEX checks in with Colebrook in April, the team aims to have Dave’s students in the midst of developing site conceptual models for Colebrook. By that point, Dave and Becky will have already answered the students’ first set of questions.

Natasha Udu-gama editor

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