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DIY solutions addressing COVID-19

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More Ways You Can Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Thinkers and tinkerers are taking a DIY approach to COVID-19 challenges. What can you bring to the fight? 


As the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic began to sink in across the nation this spring, Thriving Earth Exchange Director Raj Pandya wrote about how geoscientists can leverage their science and communication skills to help. In the weeks since, challenges have continued to mount and so have opportunities to help.


Innovators have sprung into action—big time—to make headway on problems like personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, testing troubles, misinformation and barriers to data sharing. There’s a surprising amount you can do at home to help address COVID-19 and its health, social and economic impacts.


Here are some initiatives that amazed us with their compassion and ingenuity. We hope you’ll find ideas and inspiration and comment to contribute additional resources!


Crowdfight COVID-19: A volunteer network that matches volunteers of all backgrounds with research projects that could use their help


Helpful Engineering: An incubator for collaboratively developing solutions to the most pressing needs of the COVID-19 crisis


Open Source COVID-19: An enormous collection of open source projects relevant to tracking and taking action on COVID-19


N95DECON: A platform for exchanging information on strategies for decontaminating and reusing N95 respirators


Federation of American Scientists Ask a Scientist Site: An interactive resource for communicating about COVID-19 (accepting volunteer scientists)

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