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Expert Hydrologist Helps Flood Victims in Lawsuit

By Harriet Festing, Anthropocene Alliance

Richwood, Texas: Dr Steven H Emerman was touring Richwood on Tuesday. He was in town to provide expert testimony for a lawsuit on behalf of the Flood Victims of Richwood: Dr Emerman is helping three members of Higher Ground with lawsuits and appeals. He is well qualified to do so. He was a professor of hydrology for 31 years and has 66 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of hydrology and geophysics. He has a B.S. in mathematics from The Ohio State University, M.A. in geophysics from Princeton University, and Ph.D. in geophysics from Cornell University. Since retirement at the end of June 2018, Dr Emerman is now a full-time consultant for environmental, human rights, and indigenous organizations. We are tremendously grateful for his help for flood victims across the country.

In this photo Dr Emerman (right) is shaking hands with Kevin McKinney, who heads the Flood Victims of Richwood.

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