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Haley Gannon – Translating a Pivotal Internship Experience into a Satisfying Career

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By Haley Gannon

This blog is part of Students in Community Science, a series of Thriving Earth Exchange articles featuring students who have had internship, educational or volunteer experiences in community science.


When I first came to the Thriving Earth Exchange, I was relatively new to the idea of community science. My experience up to that point had been in Earth science academia and informal environmental education. The realm of direct practical application was something I was eager to learn more about. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the Thriving Earth Exchangeteam, connecting communities to Earth and space scientists to overcome unique challenges. This fulfilled an urge I’ve had throughout my life—to utilize scientific knowledge to make a positive impact on the world. During my time at AGU, I saw several Thriving Earth Exchange-led projects do just that, and was inspired to continue striving toward that goal.

In the interim between then and now, I’ve kept on an Earth science trajectory. I lead a 3D mine mapping grant with the Virginia State Geological survey and worked as a Geologist at a geophysical consulting company. I’ve also continued with an annual tradition I picked up through a connection with Thriving Earth Exchange. Every summer, I go to Montana and participate in a week-long paleontological dig with the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute, a connection I was able to make through Thriving Earth Exchange’s partnership with

My time as the TEX community science intern was possibly the single most important experience that prepared me for my current role. In April of this year, I started working for Skeo Solutions, an environmental contracting agency. The work I do is so reminiscent of my time with Thriving Earth Exchange that I am occasionally struck with a sense of déjà vu. From coordinating meetings between scientists and stakeholders in different timezones to research and design skills, I was able to translate much of what I learned in my internship into a satisfying career. I’m endlessly grateful for all of the valuable experience that my time with TEX afforded me, and look forward to continuing making an impact through community science.

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