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Las Vegas Develops a Scope of Work for its Drought Vulnerability Assessment

Las Vegas

Since June 2016, Marco Velotta and Lorenzo Mastino from the City of Las Vegas Planning Department have been working with Dr. Ajay Kalra of Southern Illinois University to do a drought vulnerability assessment for the city. As of July, the team has developed a scope of work to undertake the drought vulnerability assessment. Their goal will be to analyze how current drought is impacting the city and how future climate impact scenarios will lead efforts towards a larger, integrated vulnerability assessment. It will include infrastructure, planning, regulations and management, education and outreach.


Kalra will help the city by working on the subwatershed which falls within the city limits. Of the four areas they have selected, Kalra will be focused on the two that are water-oriented – focusing upon stormwater infrastructure and water demand and supply. The city team will focus upon the energy portion and emergency management and response.


The team finds that their scheduled bi-weekly check-in calls are keeping everyone on task! Kalra finds them particularly useful for ensuring he’s getting through his task list.

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