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May 2019 Notes from the Field: Cambridge, OH

Category: Cambridge, OH

By Leatra Harper

Our team deployed Pisces samplers to measure hydrocarbons in regions in Southeastern Ohio impacted by unconventional shale drilling and waste disposal facilities in early May. The samplers were re-designed since our last deployment and are much less expensive to build. Our community outreach has broadened as others have heard about this project and have requested samplers. We continue to build community awareness and participation to do water monitoring in Southeastern Ohio as well as build upon the work done by others.

Sarah Wilkins subscriber

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Rita FultzNov 2, 2022 at 10:06 AM

Hello I’ve been wondering about the safety of our drinking water in Guernsey County, due to the disposal of waste water from fracking. Are they still disposing of it behind Matheson Gas on Southgate Road in Cambridge? Thank you for any information you have concerning this problem.

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