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Peer Learning Approach Builds Competence and Confidence

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Sometimes you want a custom-designed project just for you. Sometimes you want to learn from the experiences of others. At TEX, our peer-learning cohorts are designed to strike the right balance—and deliver results.

The idea is simple: Instead of running each project as a totally separate entity, why not launch several projects around a particular topic all at the same time, and manage them in parallel?

Being part of a cohort of related projects leads to more cross-linkages and peer-to-peer learning, as the experiences of any one project translates into lessons that benefit others in the cohort. Having peer communities who are grappling with the same challenges can also help communities overcome historical barriers and gain the confidence to jump feet first into controversial issues.

Over the past few months, TEX has launched three peer-learning cohorts:

  • A collection of eight projects focused on flood resilience, organized in collaboration with Flood Forum USA.
  • A group of three projects to address concerns around unconventional oil and gas development, an outcome of a workshop held during the GeoPolicy Connect conference.
  • A collection of seven projects focused on indigenous communities in Louisiana and Alaska, launched at AGU’s Fall Meeting.

As these projects move forward, we’ll periodically post updates on how the model is working and what we’re learning. In the meantime, please reach out with your questions or ideas!

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