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Why this blog?

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While we have a good idea of what TEX is, we are doing a lot of experimenting to figure out how to get there. This means our thinking about TEX and what TEX looks like will change. One reason for having this blog, then, is to provide some explanation for why things may have changed and to preview future changes.

A second reason, and probably the more important reason, for the blog is that TEX is about participation. The whole premise of community science is that science is better (more relevant, more innovative, and better understood) when it is done with people – not for them, not at them, and definitely not to them. The same is true for TEX – TEX will be better if we do this together. In fact, our success depends on this: scaling up participation so that lots of people are launching TEX projects.   We want this blog to spark participation and responses, so that we are building TEX with our TEXers, instead of at them.

So, even when we aren’t using the blog to ask specific questions, we hope people will challenge and improve the ideas that we explore in our blog. Or suggest brand new things.

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