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Call For Projects

Cloud Computing for Community Science

brought to you by the Thriving Earth Exchange and Amazon Web Services






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The Collaboration

The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to use the power of cloud-computing solutions to advance community science.  We are looking for successful local projects in which scientists and community leaders use Earth and space science and data to solve local challenges.  By helping move your solutions into the cloud, we will help you inspire further collaboration through this fall’s Sharing Solutions Event.  More event details are coming soon, but we know it will provide an opportunity for participants to form teams, share and develop ideas, and record a highlights video for public voting so as to move solutions towards development.


How To Get Involved


Have you developed a tool that helps to address a local challenge using Earth science?

We are open to ideas on how technology could enable policy makers, city planners, citizens and scientists to solve local or state issues related to resilience, sustainability, climate change, natural hazards, or natural resources.

This may be a database of water quality measurements, a tool that identifies regional or local hot spots, or a mapping software that collects pollutant sources.



Do you want to share your tool to other projects facing similar challenges?

Sharing your tool means that you have help converting your tool to a cloud-computing solution. Therefore, it becomes sharable and adaptable for other communities facing similar challenges, or it could be highlighted as an example to encourage other projects to build their own cloud-computing solutions. After all, sharing is caring!



The Thriving Earth Exchange and Amazon Web Services are now selecting projects!

Projects must have a community science aspect to be relevant to this call. A community science project is one that involves collaboration between scientists and communities who worked together to co-design solutions for  local environmental challenges. These teams then develop software or hardware solutions together. The essence of community science is teamwork.