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Community Challenges – Join The Team

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Cities across the world are looking for a scientist to become involved in one or two ways:



Become a Liaison

Cities are currently looking for a local scientist to collaborate with.

A Scientific Liaison will provide cities with a first line of support. The Liaison will develop a direct relationship with the Chief Resilience Officer and/or Relationship Managers and be the first person they call when they want the benefit of an Earth scientific perspective. The Liaison can provide provide scientific input and guidance themselves, or facilitate a conversation with the appropriate person from the resource team or the larger AGU community. TEX will provide direct support to the Liaison, and TEX expects this will require 1-2 hours of work per month.  An ideal Liaison has broad scientific understanding, the ability to listen and understand issues, the ability to communicate science to non-scientists, and some experience working with local governments or regions.



Become a Resource Member

Provide in-person or remote scientific input to a breadth of city challenges that match your expertise.

A resource team member is a scientist who would like to be kept updated on any progress made, and who will have the opportunity to weigh-in and provide scientific support. This could come in the form of receiving updates directly from the Chief Resilience Officer and/or Relationship Manager, or by providing technical input when asked. This is an exciting way to know more about challenges that any city faces, and add immediate value. A resource member is anyone interested in understanding broader city issues and offering their scientific expertise in a respectful, relevant way, and is willing to do so remotely if possible.