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Allen Pope

Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board

Dr. Allen Pope

Postdoctoral Research Associate
National Snow & Ice Data Center, CIRES
University of Colorado, Boulder

Dr. Allen Pope recently received his Ph.D. in Polar Studies from the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, where he studied the application of various satellite sensors to identifying snow and ice properties for glacier monitoring applications. His current work at NSIDC focuses on applications of NASA’s new Landsat 8 to the Earth’s frozen regions in the Arctic, Antarctic, and other mountainous regions around the world. Previously, Allen received a Master’s in Polar Students from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Earth & Planetary Sciences from Harvard University. He is currently a member of the AGU Council & Council Leadership Team, is a board member for the Foundation for the Good Governance of International Spaces, and is a past president of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists. You can find out more about Allen and his work on Twitter @PopePolar.