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Boston, MA

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Courtesy of Jon Sachs Mystic River Mass 2009

Mystic River, Massachusetts, Photo courtesy of Jon Sachs

The Challenge

The Metro Boston region, an area where civic leaders have been at the forefront of climate resilience initiatives in recent years, is seeking a comprehensive flood vulnerability assessment of its food distribution networks north of Boston. Much of the  metro region’s food supply passes through two major distribution centers in the cities of Everett and Chelsea, just north of the Mystic River. The Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Taskforce, made up of 14 inner core cities and towns, as well as state, regional, and federal agencies, is organized through the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).  MAPC seeks a scientific partner who can build upon existing analyses of the region’s food system and  climate vulnerabilities to develop a comprehensive report identifying flood risk exposure to the food distribution centers in Chelsea and Everett and their larger regional implications.


The City Partner

The scientific partner(s) will liaise with Axum Teferra, a Clean Energy Planner with MAPC,who manages the climate preparedness programs of the Taskforce. The scientist(s) will also work when necessary with local partners such as city leaders in Chelsea, Everett and Boston, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Conservation Resources, which manages dams along the Mystic River.


A Scientific Partner

MAPC seeks a scientific partner (or partners) who has expertise in developing flood vulnerability assessments. These efforts will help inform the Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Taskforce’s understanding of this critical regional food distribution infrastructure and strategy for addressing its vulnerabilities. Importantly, the scientist should be well versed in dynamic modeling techniques that incorporate storm surge and sea level rise projections under different climate scenarios, and be willing to align the methodology with those of other regional analyses, such as Climate Ready Boston and the Cambridge Vulnerability Assessment, both currently underway. More than one scientist may be recruited for this effort.



The scientist(s) will develop a comprehensive flood vulnerability assessment for the areas of and surrounding the two major food distribution centers in Chelsea and Everett, Massachusetts, and should also address regional implications of the identified vulnerabilities.

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MAPC is looking for a draft report to be made available by June 2016.


Desired Skills/Expertise

  • An understanding of storm surge and sea-level rise projections for the greater Boston region
  • Experience in developing flood vulnerability assessments
  • Familiarity with dynamic modeling techniques to account for both storm surge and sea level rise risk in the Northeastern United States
  • The ability to interact locally in the greater Boston region
  • Ability to collaborate and engage with diverse stakeholders and communities on the project
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