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Denver, Colorado

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Community Project Summary TEX’s role Local Impact Broader Impact
Denver, CO Testing low-cost approach to measuring PCE while helping one Denver neighborhood protect itself from pollutants that enter homes though basements (e.g. PCE and Radon) Helped community scope project, and found scientific partner; connected to crowd-funding opportunity 20 Residents whose home is tested

(20,000 neighborhood residents if EPA does remediation)

Cost of monitoring goes from $100 to $8, making monitoring more accessible for everyone


Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan and Tajikistan


Exploring ways to update traditional ecological calendars to reflect changing climate and anticipate future climate Found collaborators with diverse expertise and facilitated team and proposal development. 17 villages Cornell received funding to explore whether local ecological knowledge can be a vehicle for climate change preparedness
South Central Kentucky Integrating detailed local data into water monitoring in Kentucky Helped scientist/community team define project goals and provided funding 150,000 farmers in the 10 countries whose water managers use that data The tools is being shared with water managers statewide, might be adapted for other states
Eugene OR An ambitious new target for GHG emissions Found scientist to help vet project, linked to partners who could help with advocacy Eugene’s 159,000 residents May inspire other communities to launch ambitious goals
Los Angeles CA Background knowledge for community members concerned about oil extraction in their neighborhood Found a Spanish speaking seismologist who helped educate the community “changed the culture of dialogue” in one neighborhood of X residents Union of Concerned Scientist using this example to talk about community science interaction
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