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Hermosa Beach TEX team holds first in-person meeting

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Hermosa Beach TEX team holds first in-person meeting

The Hermosa Beach TEX project team had their first in-person meeting on August 25, 2016 in Hermosa Beach, CA. Lon Peters and community lead Kristy Morris discussed the project workplan , toured potential project sites, and met with Tom Bakaly, Hermosa Beach City Manager. During this meeting, they discussed the likely technologies that could be pursued […]

Pittsburgh Works with Utilities to Streamline Data Collection

The Pittsburgh project team made significant progress toward their goal of developing a robust carbon inventory for the city and its Climate Action Plan. During the partnership’s first month, the team sat down with local utility representatives to discuss procedures for sharing data, as well as the format and resolution that could be expected. The […]

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Drought Identification on a Meso-scale

  Who We Are  The Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) focuses on the Barren River and Green River, which drain the area into to large flood control/recreation lakes in the region: the Barren River Lake in the southern part and Nolin River Lake to the north. A major component of the services of the […]