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Hermosa Beach TEX team holds first in-person meeting

The Hermosa Beach TEX project team had their first in-person meeting on August 25, 2016 in Hermosa Beach, CA. Lon Peters and community lead Kristy Morris discussed the project workplan , toured potential project sites, and met with Tom Bakaly, Hermosa Beach City Manager. During this meeting, they discussed the likely technologies that could be pursued by Hermosa Beach at a relatively small scale, including distributed solar, anaerobic digestion and wave/tidal energy.

To assess these technologies, the team identified several needs:

  • Data on insolation potential, i.e. incoming solar radiation.
  • Proposals from anaerobic digestion vendors for small-scale anaerobic digestion-to-energy conversion
  • Proposals from wave/tidal vendors for a pilot project on the Hermosa Beach pier.

A key part of the team’s work will be determining costs for the installation and use of each low-carbon technology.

The project team plans to officially commence work in November 2016.

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