Partners help TEX connect community leaders and scientists use science to advance community priorities. We reach new communities through community-focused partners. Science-focused partners help us continually expand the types of scientists that engage in TEX projects.

TEX works with organizations of all sizes – from grassroots local groups to international professional organizations. We work with informal organizations, governments and government associations, and professional societies. We work with varying levels of formality: TEX partnerships can be initiated via MOUs or simply by rolling up our sleeves and getting started.

To explore partnering with TEX, please reach out to us directly.


Community-Focused Partners

Are you interested in bringing the latest science to to the communities you work with and serve? If you are an organization that supports communities – especially on issues related to resilience, sustainability, disaster mitigation, or environmental justice – TEX wants to partner with you.

Partnering with TEX includes:

  • A unique and specialized value to your members – you will be able to provide them individualized science-based solutions to tackle their priority issues while advancing your own organizational priorities.
  • Individualized attention that produces concrete outcomes for you and your member communities who participate in TEX.
  • Regular updates about the progress of individual projects, and materials you can use to share that progress with a wider audience
  • Access to a national network of organizations collaborating to advance local and regional issues related to sustainability, resilience, energy, and environmental equity.

In order to get the most out of TEX, we ask you to

  • Help us identify local leaders in your communities who have the energy and influence to lead change in their community.
  • Provide those local leaders with visibility and standing in your network.
  • Participate in partner events.
  • Offer or help secure financial or in-kind contributions to support our work together.

Science-Focused Partners

If you are interested in advancing community science in your institution, organization, or society, TEX wants to work with you.

About Community Science

This page shares almost everything we’ve learned about community science. Everything there is freely available and ready for reuse – please acknowledge TEX when you use them.

Join Community Science Connect

Community Science Connect is an online forum for communities, scientists and allies to share and discuss ideas and initiatives related to community science. Start a discussion, post a response or make new connections to build your network.

Join our Events

We host regular events to share practices and strategies to promote the use of citizen science. Contact us to learn more.


We are happy to have a one-on-one consultation to explore how community science might work for your organization.