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Reflections of a TEX Fellow

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Reflections of a TEX Fellow

By Abhishek Rao Editor’s Note: TEX created a Community Science Training/Fellowship opportunity for the Hermosa Beach, CA project in Fall 2016. While TEX projects typically include scientific partners who are more established in their field, we saw an opportunity to engage a student or early career scientist on one of our newer projects. By inviting […]

Hermosa Beach Project Supported By Early Career Scientist

Work on the TEX-Hermosa Beach project has officially begun! Lon Peters will work with the community lead, Kristy Morris, to conduct a study of feasible renewable energy technologies for Hermosa Beach to consider as it pursues its carbon neutrality goals. Additionally, the project team welcomed a new collaborator this month, Abhishek Rao. Abhishek is a […]

Hermosa Beach TEX team holds first in-person meeting

The Hermosa Beach TEX project team had their first in-person meeting on August 25, 2016 in Hermosa Beach, CA. Lon Peters and community lead Kristy Morris discussed the project workplan , toured potential project sites, and met with Tom Bakaly, Hermosa Beach City Manager. During this meeting, they discussed the likely technologies that could be pursued […]

Hermosa Beach Project Launch

The Hermosa Beach-TEX project officially launched on July 27. The newly formed team consists of Community Lead Kristy Morris (Environmental Analyst, Hermosa Beach, CA) and Scientific Partner Lon Peters (President, Northwest Economic Research, Inc.). Morris and Peters will collaborate to explore the renewable energy generation capacity within Hermosa Beach in conjunction with implementation of the […]