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2023 Year in Review

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2023 Year in Review

2023 Thriving Earth Exchange Year in Review 2023 marked 10 years since Thriving Earth Exchange began with the bold premise that science should put communities first. Over the years, the program’s small but determined staff and leadership experimented with different models of putting this idea into practice, learning from both the successes and the failures, […]

Community Science Project at Anemage River – An update

In 2021, Thriving Earth Exchange’s Natasha Udu-gama took the Hano Wene Indonesian Foundation through our approach to community science. Hano Wene works in Indonesia to address education through a holistic approach that includes not only formal education but also bringing electricity to communities, clean water, and food security. Recently, they teamed up with former Thriving Earth Exchange Community […]

2022 Thriving Earth Exchange Year in Review

2022 was a year in which community science stepped beyond its origins as a somewhat radical “new approach” and emerged as an ever more central and respected part of the mainstream discourse about how to address the challenges of our time. With climate change, pollution and environmental degradation, and issues of disenfranchisement and marginalization increasingly […]

The Power of Community Science

Community science is the collaboration of researchers and community members to propose solutions to problems usually pertaining to public health. The relationship between these two parties can be difficult to build within the time limits of each research project. In order for researchers to gain the type of access they need into the community there […]

Community Science Role Models

Who are your role models? Why? Take a second to think of what makes a good role model in the scientific community. The first things I think of are patience and a commitment to learning, two traits that Christine Wiedinmyer exhibits. When I called Christine to ask her about her research, she was confused as […]

Weather Forecasting in India and Bangladesh

How you say ‘1.5 inches’ can save a life. It can save packages of seeds and herds of cattle. The language used to deliver a forecast is important. The timing of when these forecasts are given is equally important for people that are affected by extreme weather. In places like Bangladesh and India, the communities […]

White Earth Nation: Water Quality